Play Poker Hand: Questions and Answers(FAQ)


Many poker concepts, poker stragtagys and ideas have been discussed online, about how to play pkr hands. But for many players, to read and learn would be two different cases. Accordingly, for you to keep hold on with some essential ideas, I have repeated in a question and answer form.

Starting Hands

1. Besides rolled-up trips or three cards to a low straight flush, what is the best hand in stud eight-or-better?
Two aces with a low card.
2. In what situation do two aces with a low card do best?
In heads-up pots.

3. How should you play these hands?
Either raise or re-raise to drive the players out.

4. In what situation do three low cards to a stright do best?
When the cards in multiway pot needs to fill the open ends are extremely live and when this hand is not up against many other low hands.

5. How will you play three low cards to a straight or three low cards containing an ace?
Strongly until your low cards are live cards.

6. What would do if your low cards are dead?
Simply play these hands carefully and be ready to fld on fourth street if you chase bad and if anyone of your rival improves.

7. What would you do if one of these hands busts out?
Be prepared to get away from the hand as soon as possible.

8. What happens when there are four people in?
Three low cards to a straight do much better than three low cards containing an ace that does not have straight potential.

9. How should you play when you begin with three low cards to a straight and chase an ace?

10. Mention a splendidly good hand against small number of rivals.

11. Why 6?7?8? is good in this situation?
Against a high hand, it can make a low as comfortably as a quality three-card low but it is also comfortable for the 6?7?8? to make a high hand.

12. What is another good starting hand?
The best high hand on board.

13. What should you consider when playing this hand?
That your cards are live.

14. What would you do if you have second-best high hand?
Just throw it away.

15. What is the only probable exception?
When you have two-card low too.

16. What would you do if some over cards are left to perform and you have a big pair?
Throw your poker hand away.

17. When is another time that big pairs can be expensive?
When some players showing with low cards are already in the pot.

18. Why so?
You do not want to play bingo games against a low hand that has half the pot locked up and that also has a draw at the high side.

19. When this is possible to happen?
When many low cards stay in.

20. What if an ace raises?
You should throw your big pair away.

21. When you have two kings, what would you like to be up against?
A nine through a queen up.

22. What would be the next best thing?
A deuce through an eight.

23. What about two kings against two rivals?
You will play as long as no one has an ace up.
24. What about in most other spots?
High pairs can be dangerous to play.

25. What is another of the better starting omaha poker hands?
Three high cards to a consecutive straight fulsh till your cards are live.

26. What are two extremely dangerous hands classed?
Small pairs with an ace kicker and small pairs with a small kicker.

27. What would you prefer if you play one of these hands?
That the side card to your pair be a straight flush card.
28. When playing one of these hands, why is it slightly better for your pair to be at least sixes?
Because it is less probable that a rival going for low will "accidentally" make a pair and beat you.

29. What if one of your rivals has a high pair?
It will not make any difference whether you have sixes or lower.

30. How should you play one of these hands if you think you are up against a high pair?
Throw your hand away for raise. But, if you can get in for a limp, you may want to take a card off.

31. Give an example of a typical razz poker hend.

32. Can you play these hands frequently?
No. In fact, they often should be discarded, especially for a raise in games with a very high antre.

33. When a typical razz hand may become playable?
When it is slightly better than the example given, it does not cost too much and your cards are live.
34. When a three flush can be played?
When you are in a multi-way pot with some hands against you that appear to be going high or you have two low cards. In addition, your flush cards need to be live.

35. If you have two low flush cards, is it profitable for both of them to be in the hole?
No. It is better to have one of them up.

36. Why?
You will be concealing you hands as a low hand and perhaps can drive out a low further if you make the flush.

37. When will you play a small pair with a medium or a large kicker?
Only when everyone has gone out, you are in a steal position and have a good chance to pick up the antes and bring-in.

38. What about higher three straights?
These hands do very badly.

39. What about medium high straights?
This should never be played unless you are heads up against a high hand or maybe in some situations where your cards are completely live, you are against some weak poker playrs and no one has raised or is probably to raise.

40. Is the current situation a determining factor on third street?
Yes. It is more vital than the specific hand you are holding.

41. What is important when many starting hands are close in value?
To completely determine the situation before deciding on the strength of your starting hand.

42. When do you raise on third street?
You raise on third street only if have a hand that plays better heads up or if you have a hand that is very strong and some people are already in.

43. What would you do if you have a typical playable three-card low and many players are left to perform?
You should simply "limp in."

44. What would you do if other online poker players are already in?
You should call unless there has been a double raise.

45. When does an exception to just calling happens?
When you are first in from a last position. Now you should raise.

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