Questions and Answers

Your Starting Hand

1. Leaving the best starting poker hand, what will happen to any hand that you hold?
It can be forged by the same starting hand either one notch higher or a bit lower with an additional draw.

2. How frequent does it happen?
It does not happen all the time but happens more in a multiway pots.

3. What does it mean?
You should be attentive with many hands that appear to be good.

4. What if you are in a short handed pot?
You have to play these hands out.

5. As most of the hands run very close, what is the most important skill?
The most important poker playing skill is the ability to outplay your rival.

6. Why low hands have a playing advantage over high hands?
It has playing advantage because scare cards often look and the holder of the high hand does not know what to do.

7. What is the disadvantage of the position low hand?
The disadvantage of the low hand is that high hand can force the low hand to call all bets.
8. What do high hands, even that have made big hands, often need in multiway pots?
In multiway pots, high hands need re-draws.

9. If a third low card comes on the raver, other than making a low, what else can it make?
It can make a small straight that can beat a high set.

10. What if this low card also gives the high hand a flussh?
If the low card gives a high hand a flush then it is not so worse.

11. Why is an ace an important starting card in pocar games?
It is important because it is needed to make the nut low when there is no ace on board, it can make the nut flush, and when it makes a high straight, it is the nut staight.

12. If you play an ace and many people take the flop, what does this mean?
It is possible that not only one or more of your rivals holds an ace, but also someone has an ace-deuce or an ace-trey.

13. What would generally happen if you start with three or lesser coordinated cards?
Your hand will prove to be expensive.

14. What is the exception?
You hold an ace-deuce, which does not always need all four cards working together.

15. What would be another possible exception?
Another possible exception would be a hand like ace-trey-four-ten, with the ace suited to one of the other cards.

16. Why is it essential to have all four cards working together?
It is because most of the pots get jammed on the later streets and you need extra outs very frequently.

Starting with High Pairs

1. Give an explanation on a hand that includes two aces?
It is a very significant hand in Ohmaha eight-or-better. When your hand includes a deuce; and to a lesser extent a trey, it is a premium hand.

2. What is the worst aspect of two aces?
The worse aspect is when you make three of a kind, one of the cards required to make a low is now on board.

3. What if you make a big set like three kings?
It is not as likely that someone will share a low with you.

4. What if you have two aces without a good low card?
You fail to stand more action unless you are suited up or have four high cards.

5. How will you play AA107?
You should throw away this hand if there is any kind of early action.

6. If there is a lot of action, what does it mean?
It means that someone is having an ace-deuce and your chances of making three of a kind have reduced.
7. What about other high pairs?
The high pairs do worse unless the pot is short-handed, the flp comes with three high cards, or the pairs are combined by two other related high cards.

8. What happens as high cards get lower?
Their value decreases.

9. Why is that?
This is because when you make a straight, it puts low cards on board.

10. Give an example?
A hand such as 9988 is near to worse four cards that you have been dealt.

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