Sixth Street Poker

1. Can you fold on sixth street?
Yes. You often can do so.

2. Why?
Because one or more rival can chase a card that may mean you are drawing dead, in addition there may be a bet and a raise. This is the proven omaha poker strategy being used.

3. Be specific, while playing ppoker games like stuad poker.
When there is more betting and raising on sixth street, the pot is certain to be split. You will not be getting the odds you need to try to draw out on the high end when you have only two pair.

4. What exactly does it mean?
It usually means that the only time you should try to chase is when you have more outs such as when you hold a good low draw, a fuslh draw, or trips - and you are getting the correct odds.

Seventh Street

1. Even though it is probable that your rivals were drawing to beat you, what should you do on seventh street if you happen to have the best hand on sixth street?
Generally bet anyway.

2. What is the exception?
If you have the low hand and are against a high hand and one or more rivals who were drawing to a better low.

3. What if you have the best position low hands and are against other players with made low hands who are possibly to pey off?
Obviously, you should bet or raise into them.

4. What if you have a high hand, there are low hands against you, and the split pot is certain (till your low hands has not improved to a straight, a flush, or something better, and it is possible that one or more of these draws is out)?
You should check and call.

5. What if you have a high hand and there are two or three players in the pot which it appears as they will call with weaker high hands?
You should lead on the end.

6. Suppose you did not get a low draw but make a pair, maybe a small pair. A player who has been betting all the way bets again and it looks as though he has a low hand. What would you do?
Just call. You may even win the entire pot if he is bluffing slow playing.

7. What anything else can you do at this moment?
Consider raising if there is some chance that you can knock out a high hand.

8. Suppose you have a high two pair and are against a rival who reveals three low cards but who likely has not made his low hand by sixth street. What would you do?
You should bet on the rivier. If your rival makes two pair, he will usually pay off your bet.

9. Suppose you have a big pair in the hole, in addition several small cards up and are against a rival which appears to have a big pair. He has been calling you down, even if his pair does not seem as big as yours. What will you do if your rival checks to you on the river?
You should bet your one big pair for value.

10. Suppose you are going for low but make two pair and someone holding a big pair checks to you. What would you do?
You should bet your playing hand for value.

11. Will you be able to bluff a high hand if it appears that there is a fair chance you are going low?

12. Are there situations where you should bet as a bluff?

13. Example?
Suppose you have 7643J102 and are against one rival who shows ?? 37KQ?. You are beat for high and also may be beat for low. Therefore, betting is correct online poker.

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