The Game Itself


As seven card stud eight or better is not widely spread in many play poker card rooms as frequently as in other games of poker, the game can change a great deal. Sometimes, you will be mostly sitting with experts; at other times, many weak players will be at hand. This is also true in Ohmaha eight or better that the high-limit games play differently from the smaller limit games (though generally not to the same extent).

Furthermore, the action of the pooker game you are in can vary immediately. In fact, during the major tournaments, savan card stud eight or better games appear, as players in the side games often play only for a short duration.
In most of the situation, to be successful, you must be able to make a suitable stood poker strartegy changes that are needed. Although many of the concepts already discussed will apply, some changes require to be noticed.

Playing in Tight Games

Frequently your rivals will change during the game. That is, players will come and go. Sometimes the game you are in will become very tight. When this happens, you should go out (and read once again this book). However, if the game is not tight and non aggressive, then you are in a better condition. You can steal some antes and you are in a position to get in cheap and can bluff on fourth and fifth street when you chase scare cards.

In fact, when one of your tight rivals comes in, he will have a quality starting hand. If he chases a scare card, you should automatically leave unless your hand has improved considerably. This is vital when you are in the pot with a weaker hand.

Most of the hands, in such tight games, which you will be playing past the opening bet, are the best high hands and good low hands. These are the hands that possess more value in this kind of game. However, be cautious of going too far because when you get contested you often will be up against a premium hand. Keep in mind that most of the money will be made by stealing the aents or by stealing on fourth street, as most players will foold after taking one card off.

On the contrary, you will usually avoid very tight but aggressive stud games. In eight or better, many of your rivals would be capable players, especially if they are playing tight. Hence, you do not have much edge against them, if you have edge at all.

In conclusion, it may be okay to play online casino review one of these games, provided that you do not play too long. You may steal a few antes and perhaps make a couple of plays. But capable players - who may get caught off-guard early - will soon chase on and your advantage will get reduced if not disappear altogether. The exception to playing for only a short duration is if some weak players are waiting to enter into the game. In such situations, you may want to stay.

It is obvious that the high hands go up in value in tight games, as many pots are heads up and the hands do not always go to the river. But, several players fold their high hands very quickly (somewhat near fifth street) when they see a low hand advancing, because they do not want to put in more money and only split the pot. They overlook that there is substantial amount of money already in the poker pot and as the action is heads up, they have the option of checking and calling.

Similarly, it is easy to go too far with a high hand in a tight game, where you might be against a better high hand. Now, you will be playing high against high with the worst hand. It is true when your rival has an ace up or when he chases an ace.

Playing in Loose Games

In a smaller limit games when you play, the game sometimes will be looser than what you usually see. If you are fortunate to be in such a situation, then seven card stud eight or better becomes a great game.
As there is only small number of good multiway starting poker hands, this means that many of your rivals will be playing small pairs, second-best high hands and weak non-related low cards. In this situation, all good hands go up in value and you should make more money by only playing quality starting hands in a straight forward manner.

Hands which have two-way possibilities, like small fulsh cards and small straight cards, go up in value. However, high hands go down in value because more lows will be made (as there are many people in the pot) and in addition it will be difficult to rate your hands and know how to play it correctly.

In the game like this, when you play you should tighten the play rather than loosen up. However, in some other game of online play poker, you can play some weaker hands when the games are loose but doing this in seven card stud eight or better is a big mistake. You may not be able to stealing ante, so you should discard all of your small pairs and you should throw away most of your medium and high pairs. This limits you to the very strongest high hands, to low hands that are interrelated for straigts and flushes and to low hands that have an ace. When you play in this way, your marginal starting hand will be bigger than the normal. In other words, you will be betting and raising to get lot of money into the pot.

Also, your rivals will be chasing up unexpected cards, which will make lot of players difficult to read. Despite, you should be able to analyze whether they are going high or low, it will be harder to put them on a specific hands. Therefore, you should play the game straightforward and when you think you have the best hand, get your money in the pot. You can either bet or raise, but do not try any tricky plays.

On the contrary, when your hand is weak you should play very little. And if you bust out on fourth poker street much often as you usually would, as the pot ods for staying in will be greater. Furthermore, you can make bigger hands and have more prospective for multiway scoops.

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