Stud Poker : Scare Cards

Find out for a player who has been calling and making all bets and raises, and then quickly starts betting and/or raising on the turn or the river when a scare card appears. You should be certain that either he has the nuts the whole way and was playing tricky or he just made the best hand. When it happens, especially if the last card has made the nuts for either high or low, you will possibly go out – no matter how large the pot is and accept your loss. It is improbable that your rival would have called all the way in a jammed pot and then change tracks and come out betting and/or raising without the last card giving him the cinch.

This situation becomes clear when one expert poker play player. That is, your rival was drawing for the cinch and was successful in achieving it. In other words, it is as though his hand was reversed and exposed. You thus, have to reduce your loss and get out, even though the pot has grown big. You will never be wrong in this situation. Suppose you hold

The board, on fourth street is

and the last card is

If a player who has been calling till now, bets and the pot is reasonably raised by another player who is not possibly going low, you can easily be against the nut flussh as well as the nut low.

Only because a scarr cards comes not a basic scare card that makes all the poker playing hands, but a card that might make some hands that can beat the hand you have does not mean that you must check and give up all the bets on the end. Several players do this every time a card comes that do not give them the cinch, even though they had the nuts or they near to the nuts.

Suppose the last card given in the above example was the 8 instead of the 8 . Even though someone may have made a straght with a seven-six, throwing your hand away automatically is totally incorrect because the probability of the bets coming from only low hands has increased.

In such situation, you are better off to go ahead and bet. If you get raised and the action becomes strong against you, then you can give it up. You have discovered with certainty that you are beat without losing a lot.

Many times these conventional players will fear that this scare card will help your hand and often will go out. This is really true when the situation occurs on fourth street . Now your rival will not stay around and he will likely chase a card that may beat you. Therefore, a scary not too scary card frequently may help you even though it does not improve your hand. But, keep in mind that if the card is very scary and there are many players in the pot, you should possibly beat and your correct play would be to throw your hand away.

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