Poker High Hand Faq

High Hands

1. How do high poker hands act in a situation where no low card or only one card comes on the flop?
It acts well.

2. What when two or three low cards come on the flop?
The high hand do really worse.

3. In what type of games do high hands do well?
High hands do well in games where the pot is not raised before the floop.

4. Why?
This is because it is possible than not that two low cards will flop, which means that more flops are going to be unplayable.

5. For example, you flop top set but two low cards are also on board?
Your hand will be in a problem because lo staights and flushes are relatively easy to make.

6. What does it mean?
You wish to play more high hands in games where it does not cost too much to see the flop.

7. What if it is not the multi-way action?
It does not matter whether you get in cheaply because high hands play well short-handed pot .

8. Why suited high hands do well in tight games?
Suited high hands do well in tight games because three low cards are not always seen. When they do come, they may not make your rivals' hands.

9. What do you want to prevent?
Playing when it appears as though other people may be forging your hand is the thing to prevent.

10. Give an example?
A hand such as 10JQK is generally a good hand. But if other players are also playing high with same high cards, your hand is fairly forged by their hands.

11. When do you want to have high hands?
When you are in a short-handed pot against players who play only the low poker hands.
12. Under which circumstances do high hands not play well?
High hands do not play well against players who play very tight and who are possibly having a hand like two aces with low cards.

13. Why having a hand that can go further without early improvement an advantage?
This is because it has greater opportunity for overall improvement in poker. Also, your rival can bet for value frequently or bluff and knock you out when you would have a winning Casino hand at the further stage.

14. What should you do when playing the high hands heads up?
You should call more and see how the hand advances.

15. Why so?
This is because you frequently will split the pot with the low hand.

16. But what if the pot becomes dangerous?
If a player reveals strength, you will have to go out.

17. What should you be able to determine when you read your rival?
You should determine whether you have a split or a possible loser.

18. What are the various hints to help you in this area?
1. Be alert to the game.
2. Try to understand what someone's check, bet or raise mean. (Will your rival make a play short-handed?)
3. Is anyone still steaming?
4. When in a tough situations, take all possible time to determine the best play.
5. Spend some time away from the table thinking about some of your tougher hands.

19. How will you play high hands when the flop is such that the scare cards can come to beat you?
In such case, you should not play high hands very aggressively.

20. When is this true?
This is true when you have flopped a set and the other two cards on board are fairly close to each other.

21. Give an example?
You have QQJJ and the flop comes J34.

22. When you are in a multi-way pot and also in these situations, how would you play?
You should play very carefully.

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