Getting Counterfeited Poker

In Omaha eight-or-better, you often get forged with extremely high hands. Suppose in a multi-way pot you have

and the flop comes

You hold three aces and also a wheel, which is the nut low that cannot be forged. You even have the best possible high hand with the wheel and the three aces may give you the best possible draw at a better high hand.

For instance, there is a lot of jamming both on the flop and on the fourth street that is, other players are also having wheels. But, you are in a good position. Now on the river, a four or five hits, giving someone a six-high straight, and you get quartered or maybe get less than that.

Such kind of hands comes very frequently, and you have to live with them. You should be aware that there are more other cards to come that might forge some of the big hands, and generally in a multi-way poker pot, people draw to beat such hands.

In addition, when you are in a position where you can get quartered and you are not playing for the entire pot, recall that the situation can change very suddenly. You should determine this when deciding how to play your hand.

Getting Quartered

In Omahs eight-or-better, even though there are very few opportunities to make a big plays, when you have a chance to knock out someone who is drawing to the same hand that you are, you should usually try to do so. It is extremely important either to knock your rival out who has the same hand that you have or to discard your hand when you are probably to be in this situation. As you are splitting many pots, you should play in such manner so as to avoid getting quartered.

It is simple to judge when someone has the same low hand that you have, like an ace-deuce or an ace-trey. It is rather difficult to determine when you and your rival have the same high hand. However, many times you get an impression and if you suspect that both you and someone else is going in the same way and trying to make the same hand as you have made, then you should either try to eliminate your rivals or fold if you do not think you can drive him out of the pot.

Continuing the game without eliminating your rivals is one of the biggest disasters in this game. Always remember that trying to win only one-quarter of the pot is not a winning approach.

Suppose if you hold an ace-deuce and there is more of multi-way action early, then figure it out that someone else also has an ace-deuce. Accordingly, you should likely flod your hand, except when you have other winning poker draws working. These cards may include a suited ace, another low card, or a high pair. Keep in mind that we have been describing a hand where the cards are working along with more than one way that can be a premium hand.

It is tough to drive someone out who has an ace-deuce draw by raising into him. On the contrary, if someone raises into you, you should possibly go out, as you are now trying to win one-quarter of the pot if you make the low hand. Conventional players will call the raise cold and frequently find themselves quartered when the hand is completed. To put other way, they are usually committed to the pot. But few good players know to fold, especially if the pot is raised and re-raised.

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