Poker Strategy No 1: Starting With Big Pairs

The significant hand in Ohmaha eight or better is two aces. With a deuce and to the minimum extent a trey included you can determine two aces a premium poker hand. The worst aspect of having a pair of bullets is that when you make a three of a kind with the aces, one of the cards needed to make a low hand that can cost you half the pot is now on board. But an ace on board will not make that many straights. If you make, suppose, three fours with two fours in your hand, the fear of running into a stright (not to state a bigger set) is now higher.

However, if you make a high set, like three kings you have reduced one probable low card on board, which means that it is not possible that someone will share a low with you. As mentioned earlier, holding a pair of kings is one of the main advantages.

On the contrary, when you make three aces and also have a low draw, you have an opportunity to win both sides in a multi-way poker pot. Even if you flop three kings, the pot is not possibly to be multi-way pot unless two low cards are also on board, in either case your hand is considerably reduced.

When you have two aces without a good low card, you cannot stand more action before the floop unless you are suited up or have four high cards. For example, you have

You should throw away this hand if there is any kind of action early because the ace is not suited with either of the other two cards. However, if there is any kind of strong action, it is possible that someone else has an ace and he possibly holds ace-deuce. Therefore, the chances of your making three aces or better have reduced. This means that you are not playing on the strength of your aces any longer but you need to depend on your other combinations hence they have to be stronger.

This makes two aces an odd hand. This is true if there is a lot of action and aggressive player who raises may hold the other two aces which actually cripples your hand.

Some other big pairs do worse unless the pot is short-handed game, the flop comes with three high cards (in either case no low can come out) or the pairs are combined by two other related high cards.

As the high cards go lower, their value also gets reduced. This is because when you make straights, it puts low cards on board, which obviously will give your rival chances to make lows. Suppose, if you hold any hand that includes an eight-nine or a nine-ten will split the pot automatically if you make the probabilities of being able to scoop the pot with a high hand is tremendously diminished. For example a hand like

is near to the worst four cards that you can be dealt. Those players who play consistently such types of hands will have no chance in this game.

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