More Specific Ideas

omaha poker ideas will contribute to playing and winning Omahas eight or better game against a contest which is considerably weak are as follows:

Concept No.1: Ignore playing middle-sized cards. This includes hands like


The difficulty in playing these types of hands is that you cannot make the nuts, barring a rare exception.

Concept No. 2: Middle straight cards are worse. A hand like

is little worse than a hand like

This is because if you make the nut straigh with the first hand, the low is out. Four high cardgames are not great but they generally are playable, especially if you have a pair (which perhaps allows you to make a big full house).

Concept No. 3: Do not play with two aces. A pair of aces without going anything for it, such as two aces without a fuslh draw, should usually be thrown away in early psition. On the other hand, if there is no raising, you can call with a weak two-ace hand, expecting to hit your set.

Concept No. 4: Other hands to discard in early position are ace-trey and deuce-trey without anything else. It is advantageous to play with ace-trey, although without anything else, your hand often should be discarded for a cold raise against tight players. However, a weak ace-deuce may not even be worth playing if there is more number of players in the game.

The weaker lows when you do not have anything working should be generally thrown away from early position, even if the game is reasonably good. Remember, omaha eight or better is a highly positional game and a weak ace-trey or deuce-trey will generally cost you money in early position. The exception is when the game has one or more live players.

Concept No. 5: The good starting hands could be four low cards without an ace. A hand like

is not that bad, because if an ace hits, your lows are good. But, you should have an ace for your low. Thus, if there is a multiway pot and no ace flops, be ready to throw away this hand. But, it depends on precisely what comes out. If the flop is

you may want to play, as you can make a wheel, a six-high straight, or a full houe. However, if most players took the fop, someone is drawing at a better low. That is, unless an ace hits, you most likely will be playing only for high and not for a very good high.

In the above example, if the flop shows a two flush, you should throw your hand away unless you are getting high pot odds. However, if two flush is on board, it may be fine to continue playing.

Concept No. 6: In good position, ace-trey is better worth playing before the flop, but deuce-trey is generally not. There is lot of difference between an ace-trey and a deuce-trey. The better one is an ace-trey because it not only is lower than deuce-trey but also it gives you more ways to win high such as pairing aces. The deuce-trey is played in lighter online poker games but you need an ace to flop.

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