Glossary: Omaha Poker

It is very important for all players to know glossary of all poker games. It is difficult to understand and play poker on internet or in physical casino without having known this glossary of pokeur games.

Ante: A bet needed from all players before starting a hand.

Baby: A small card, especially an ace, deuce, trey, four, or five.

Back-door flush (or straight): Back-door flush is made when both of the last two cards make fulsh, even though it may have played on the floop for some other reason (such as holding a pair or a four staight).

Bad beat: When a high hand is beaten by someone who makes a long-shot draw.

Bicycle: Ace, deuce, trey, four, five, the best possible low hand; also called a "wheel" and a "baby straight."

Blank: A card that comes on either fourth or fifth street and is not of any value to any player's hand.

Blind: In Omaha eight-or-better, a forced bet that one or more players should make to start the action on the first round of betting. With anew deal, the bindl rotates around the table.

Bluff: A bet or raise with a hand that you do not think is the best hand.

Board: Five cards are face up at the center of the table in Omaha eight-or-better and four cards are faced up at the center of the table in seven card stud eight-or-better.

Bring-in: In seven card stud eight-or-better, the forced bet that the lowest card showing must make.

Button: In Omaha eight-or-better, a small disk that indicates that the player who is in last position when there is a house dealer.

Call: To contribute in the pot an amount of money equivalent to a rival's bet or raise.

Calling cold: Calling a bet and raise all at once as opposed to being in for the initial bet and then calling a raise.

Check: To decline to bet when it is your turn.

Check-raise: To check and then raise after a rival bets

Cinch: A hand that cannot lose in one direction.

Counterfeit: A board card in Omaha eight-or-better that duplicates a card in your hand and thus reduces the value of your hand.

Dead card: In stud games, a card that has already appeared.

Dog: A hand which is not a favorite to win the pot.

Duor card: In seven card stud eight-or-better, the first exposed card in a player's hand.

Drawing dead: Being in the position where the cards you expect to catch will give you a losing hand.

Family pot: A pot where many players are involved.

Fifth street: In Omaha eight-or-better, the fourth and final round of betting on the last card; in seven cared stud eight-or-better, the third round of betting (on the third upcard).

Flop: In Omahs eight-or-better, the first three commnity cards are face up at once and starts the second round of betting.

Flush: Five cards of the same suit.

Forced Bet: A required bet is to start the action on the first round of betting in seven card stud eight-or-better.

Fourth street: The fourth card on board and the third round of betting in Omaha eight-or-better; and the second round of betting (on the second upcard) in seven card stud eight-or-better.

Free roll: A situation where two people have the same hand but one of them has a chance to make a better hand.

Gut shot: A draw to an inside straight.

Heads up: To play against one rival.

Hog: Winning the entire pot.

Hogger: A hand that wins the entire pot.

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