The Later Poker Streets

Concept No.1: One-way hands, where you must lose half the pot, are also difficultly played multiway. Later street is very important as one of the online poker concept in all poker games like Omahas poker, high low poker, stod poker or texas holdem poker. Lets understand. Suppose, in a three-way pot, you need to be a 2-to-1 favorite or better to win your side for a bet or raise to be correct. When you bet with two people who call, you can win only half a bet. The rival who wins the other side will get the other half-bet.
For example, a rival showing

(Hidden cards)

bets and his possible hands is three queens. Another rival calls with

(Hidden cards)

Your hand is

In such case, you have only a call. Even if you are favorite to win your side, you are not a 2-to-1 favorite. (There is an exception to this calling. If you are small favorite to win half of the pot, but a bet or raise may make your rival to flod, you should continue accordingly. There is more explanation about this concept later in the text.)

Concept No.2: You should fold generally if it is early in the hand and someone else is favored on you, no matter what the direction. If you are not a favorite to win at least one way and the pot is not relatively large, throw your Omaha poker hand away.
However, there are few exceptions. For example, your hand is

And you are against a high pair and what you identify as an eight-high, four-card low. You have good poker hand in this situation to take one more card.
You can also play an average hand if they have a chance, even a small one, to win the entire pot. For example, your first four cards are

If any of your rivals seems to have a high pair and the other rivals appear to have a better four-card low, you can continue playing. The reason to this is that you have a chance to scoop the entire pot and if you do not scoop, then you can win either the high side or low side.
This concept is important because the high hands are tremendously better in eight or better than they are in normal high low stud poker. In eight-or-better stud, high hands can win the entire pot but without the qualifier for low, they actually cannot do that. However, many players who lack experience overrate the high hands, particularly in full proker games.

Concept No.3: If you can win only half the pot but have that side locked up, do not knock out other players. This is because it is obvious: You cannot make any more money if the pot becomes heads up.

Concept No.4: Try to remove your rivals if it enables you to win the entire pot. This is somewhat contradictory to Concept No.4. If you have made a quality high hand in a multi-way poker pot, eliminating your rivals frequently is the correct approach.
For example, you have a big flush on fifth street. Your rival show

(Hidden cards)

(Hidden cards)
If the player holding A53 bets, you should raise and try other rival to go for low to fold. If the original bettor actually has a low made, you tend to lose little. However, if he does not have made, there is a great chance of your scooping and your expectation has gone way up. In every opportunity you should make this play.

To What Extent You Can Go

As many hands may be identical in value, you cannot go beyond that - unless they improve fast as compared with others. The hands which you usually take further should be played with more strength first as it is possible to you to go to the end and get your money back. Hands which you fold frequently should be played in the reverse manner. That means, with these hands, you can put little money wherever possible.

Particularly, a hand like three small straight cards, especially if the cards are suited, can be taken further into the hand. It is in fact similar for two aces with a small card. If you chase a bad card, you should take another card off even if the pot is raised, unless someone's hand grows strong.

But do not get involve into these hands. Suppose, if you have aces with a small card and someone who raised with a high card up pairs his door card, you should fold. You should also accept folding a small three straigh that does not improve when someone who started with a small card up chases a suited baby on fourth street.

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