Playing Hand FAQ

When You are First In

1. What does a call do?
A call raises the multi-way pots.

2. When you should raise?
You should raise when you are expecting to limit the field to three or few players.

3. What if the game is loose?
According to loose games concept in poker, you can hope multi-way pots whether you just call or raise.

4. How will you play in such conditions?
You should play according to your best of your knowledge.

5. If the game is loose and there is more of raising, why you want to call?
You want to call so as to see who does the raising and accordingly you can analyze the strengths of the different hands.

6. How will you bring it in, in a tight game?
You can bring it in with a raise.

7. What are you expecting to achieve with your raise?
You will achieve either to steal the bindls or to play against only the blinds.

8. What would happen if you do not bring it in with a raise?
You will be caught in the middle even if the game is tight.

9. Will you generally raise more?
No. You should not raise more unless the game is tight and you are certain that you can get in a heads-up confrontation.

10. What happens frequently when you are playing heads up?
When playing heads up you can win the high with the weak hands and also you can bluff players out as many players will play for low.

How to Play Your Hand

1. Before deciding to play your hand, what things you should consider first?
You should consider whether you want more rivals or fewer rivals and also a large pot or a small pot.

2. What can effect your decision?
The kind of players who are behind you, your position, the game itself and also how you are playing in the online poker game can effect your decision.

3. But what is your decision based on?
It is based on the strength of your hand.

4. Give an example?
If you are raising and re-raising then you should definitely have the nuts, particularly if you are on the low side.

5. What other things you should consider?
You should consider how it is easy for your hand to be forged in future, or how it is easy for a scare card to come that may avoid your rival from jamming.

6. If your hand gets forged easily, what precautions you should take?
In such situations, you may want to give a lot of action until all the cards are out.

7. Assume you have the high and you want the player with the possible low to jam it. However, your rival may be afraid that if a small card comes on a later street, his hand can be ruined or maybe he might fear to bet. What should you do?
You should generally play fast.

8. Why is an early slight deception good?
It is good because many people will create an opinion about your hand and stick with it.

9. Mention an example of deceptive play?
On an early round, you do not raise infrequently in a situation where several other players will raise, or you will bet with an average hand.

10. What such kinds of play do for you?
Someone can misread your hand and give you more action with the second-best hand.

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