General Poker Strategy FAQ

1. What is the reasonable poker strategy to follow?
When the pot is relatively small on the early rounds, you should get out any time your hand does not appear to be the best for one way or the other.

2. What if you don't do this?
You may get trapped for a bigger bet and some raises on a later round.

3. What is the exception?
When you have two-way hand, it is generally worth chasing slightly better than one-way hand.

4. What if no one chases anything that looks to make his hand?
In such situation, you should go little further.

5. When else can you go little further?
When you are against players who tend not to jam unless they make cinches.

6. What about against more aggressive poker players who do jam a lot?
You should be cautious about getting too involved.

7. How should you play when you hold a good poker hand?
You will be a player who often will jam.

8. What will this do for you?
It will make many of your rivals become cautious when playing against you, in addition you will be able to control the size of the pot and how you want to play your hand.

9. What is an essential skill in this game?
The ability to size up what it will cost to see a hand through.

10. Why this skill is so crucial?
Because instead of paying two or three bets to go to the raver, as you would do in other games, it can easily end up costing you seven to ten bets.

11. Knowing whether someone plays tight or loose is not enough, what else do you need to know?
How fast he plays and how frequently he jams the pots.

12. What kinds of hands would you prefer to play poker against those players who do play too quickly?
Two-way hands, hands that are well-disguised, and the bigger hands.

13. What about against players who are passive?
You can play few more hands.

14. What happens to one-way hands when playing heads up?
They lose value.

15. What would you do if you are not a big favorite to win your half of the pot?
Throw your hand away unless the pot is large.

16. Example?
You hold 2467J and are facing?? 555 or?? A4A. Throw away your hand.

17. What if you have a chance to scoop?
It would be correct to continue the poker play.

18. What if you have a pair of queens and are against?? 472?
You continue playing as it is improbable that a straght or a bigger pair will be able to beat you.

19. What about one-way hands in multi-way pots?
They are also dangerous.

20. In a three-way pot, how much of a favorite to win your side do you need to be for a bet or raise to be correct?
You need to be 2-to-1 favorite.

21. Example?
A rival showing ? ? QQ bets. Another rival calls with ? ? 57. Your hand is 2A64. In this case, you have only a call. Even if you are a favorite to win your side, you are not a 2-to-1 favorite.

22. If it is still early in the hand and someone else is favored over you, no matter what the direction, what should you do?

23. When is the time to play an average poker hand?
When you have a chance to win the entire pot.

24. Example?
Assume that your first four cards are 5678. You can continue playing if it looks as though you are up against a high pair and a better four-card low.

25. Suppose you have half the pot locked up but that is the only side you can win?
Do not knock out other players.

26. When should you try to eliminate your rivals?
When this will allow you to win the entire pot.

27. Example?
You have a big flush on fifth street poker. Your rival show ? ? 25Q and ? ? A53. If the player holding the A53 bets, you should raise with a hope to get your other rival to foold.

To What Extent can you go?

1. How do you play those hands you usually take further?
With more strength earlier.
2. What about those hands that you fold early often?
With these hands you want to put in very less money.

3. Be specific.
You will go further with hands like three small straight cards especially if the cards are suited and two aces with a small card

4. When should you fold two aces with a small card?
When someone who raised with a high card up pairs his door card.

5. When you should decide to fold a small three straight that does not improve?
When someone who started with a small card up chases a suited baby on fourth poker street.

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