Fifth Street Poker

1. Suppose you have a good four-card low on fourth street poker, which is also a four straight or four flush. If you bust out on fifth street poker but your hand is still live, should you bet?
If you have a good chance to scoop, you should definitely bet.

2. Suppose you are playing heads up, you are going high and your rival is going low. What would you do?
Bet, unless he has three low cards up.

3. What if he has three low cards up?
Either check and call or check and fold, based on the three low cards and also how strong your poker hand is.

4. What if you are against a likely good four-card low, which perhaps can be a straight draw?
You should be inclined to check.

5. What if you think your rival may have three low cards, a pair or a bust card?
You should bet and be willing to call a raise if it comes.

6. Suppose you are in a three way pot and one of your rival is going the same way as you are. What should you do if you have the best hand in your way?
Make an attempt to eliminate the player going the opposite direction.

7. Example?
You have 235KA on fifth street poker. You rival who looks as though going low is in the middle with ?? 4710 and the player going high have?? Q95. You may want to try to check raise the player going high. However, the player going high may fold, as he might think you have made aces.

8. What if someone who appears to be going to be low just checks and calls?
It is sure that he has a low draw but does not have a good streight or flush draw to go along with it.

9. What is dangerous for you to do on fifth street poker?
To blend your pair a fair amount.

10. Example?
With a busted low hand and a high card on fifth street poker, you may want to check-raise or even jam to conceal your hand.

11. Suppose you have made an eight or a rough seven for low and you are looking at a hand like?? A23 or ?? 345. What would you do?
Throw your hand away.

12. What happens to a poker high hand when someone makes a low on fifth street poker?
It becomes very weak. You should foold.

13. In which situation you will play?
If it is heads up and the pot is extremely big, or if you are not likely to get scooped.

14. Example?
Continue playing against ?? 247, but against ?? 345.

15. What if you have a big pair and your rival's board is in between the two hands just given?
You should consider how live the straight or fulsh cards are for your rival.

16. What if your rival's third low upcard is an ace?
You should usually go out.

17. When the high hands do well?
When the low hands have busted out by fifth street poker.

18. What if you have doubt as to whether you should continue playing hand or fold on fifth street?
You should fold unless you have a good chance for half the pot or a decent chance for all of it.

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