Advanced Poker Concepts Guidelines

Loose Games

Several games are treated to be loose when many people calls and raises. If the game is loose, you need hands that can make the nuts with draws and redraws to better hands. An ace-deuce having no draws will split the low or gets forged frequently, in either case you do not gain anything. Hence, you want hands that have the best low, or the best low draw with chances to back-door flushes, normal nut flush draws, staight draws, or trips, or a wheel with a chance of a six-or seven-high straight.

When you hold one of these hands in big multi-way pots, you will often have to make the low, which will split with someone else but sometimes to "hog" the high (or maybe split the high). However, when there are many player and more of jamming, the nuts are generally out on both the sides.

As mentioned earlier, it is significant to have all four cards working together, as best as it can, and for those cards to be extra strong - that is, an ace-deuce with other good play ppoker cards, ace-deuce-trey, or two aces with one or two low cards. Again, being suited adds up more value to your hand in a loose game. For instance, on the flop, you make a low and jam with it if you have a back-door or normal flush possibilities. If you are fortunate enough and finish making the fuslh, you may scoop the pot or maybe get three-quarters of it.

Greater hands, like four-high straight cards suited up, do not do well in loose games, unless the pot gets played short-handed or you can go into the pot cheaply. In loose games, which are tough at the smaller stakes tables with lot of people taking the flp, the high poker hands usually do not do well.

An ace is an important card in loose games and a suited ace adds more value to your hand. An ace suited with one of three low cards like

is a premium hand. Some of the premium poker hands are


Keep in mind, having suited ace working, as you would in some of the hands discussed, makes those hands even stronger.

Four cards can do perfectly well but they actually require an ace to hit on the flop. You want to get in cheap with his holding and to have rivals who will anyhow contest you even though if an ace comes. If an ace does not come, you should be ready to fld. (The odds are 3.3-to-1 against one or more aces seen at the flop if you do not hold an ace in your hand.)

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